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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Blitz Completion… almost… plus a wedding… and more too

Ok, Ok… the update is a BIT late. Sorry. Been busy. I’ve failed on my original goal to have Blitz VI editing complete by July. But, fear not, I’ve assured all that it WILL be done by next weekend. I’ve got three days home with the youngest and plan on using all that time to get it done (note I did not say Git-R-Done, nor will I EVER say that.. aside from when I say I won’t say it.)

Also, a wedding was filmed and edited. Now we just need a bit of filler music and it will be ripped down and sold on the black market to anyone wanted to see someone else’s wedding. But likely we’ll just sell a few copies to the folks involved.

Blitz will be available to all from this site and from Mercury Players site. The first half of the Blitz DVD will be previewed this weekend. We’ll see how it goes… but, for those that can’t wait… here is the opening. (This file requires the MP4 video codec. Click HERE to download.)

Anyway, we’re also working on a full length script. It’s a story of vampire hunters. We’ve got our outline done and will work on the script directly. It’s a much bigger project than anything before and there will be quite a wait for that.

But, on shorter terms, we plan on entering a new short at Wis-Kino which is in 2 weeks from Sunday… the script will be done today and filmed next weekend and edited the week after that. It’s going to be less than five minutes and available on Monday the 25th. Oddly, it just so happens to be a Sci-Fi which is this month’s theme! It’s the story of a group of friends who find a message from outer space with SETI at home and attempt to decode it themselves.

Oh yeah, and we’re in the initial planning stages to do a video for Aporia. Lots and lots to do. Rash Films is now getting phone calls and credit card offers, just like a real person getting spammed! I feel so… American.


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